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Yugong Brand corn stalk Briquette Machine

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1 Set/Sets
any main China Port
Brand Name:
Raw material:
all kinds of crop waste
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Gongyi Yugong Machinery Manufacturing Factory
China (Mainland) China (Mainland)
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  • Port: any main China Port
  • Brand Name: Yugong
  • Raw material: all kinds of crop waste
  • Model Number: SJM
  • Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland)
  • Supply Ability: 18 Set/Sets per Month
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T


1.Suitable for many kinds of agri waste
2.High efficiency
3.Roller & mould are made from special alloy
4.Extreme durability


Our company has introduced into advanced technology,invented SJM5 flat-dies crop waste briquetting machine.




biomass briquetting machine
It has become more and more important for companies to find low-cost methods of recycling their waste materials. This is especially true if these waste materials have a high energy content and we want to take them back into the energy cycle.
Corn stalk  is a natural product which - highly compacted as a briquette - almost takes on the burning behaviour of coal. Owning to their great density Corn stalk briquettes have a higher calorific value than the same quantity of firewood. They can be used instead of coal or wood in domestic solid-fuel stoves as well as in industrial furnaces.
Our Briquetting Press reduces the volume of your waste to save on storage and haulage costs. Your wood remains a natural product because it is briquetting without binder. Burning briquettes as fuel closes a natural conservation cycle - on combustion they only release as much carbon dioxide
back into the atmosphere as was originally absorbed by the growing tree during photosynthesis.
Advantages of our Briquetting Press System
The briquetting presses are strong, robust and compact. They are delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate connection. They have the reliability and longevity associated with hydraulic machines. They produce highqualityevenly shaped briquettes in a unique closed end die system. The advantage of this is that minimum friction is generated so the machine has very low wear rates. The hydraulic system is controlled by a P.I.C. (programmable logic controller) which keeps all the rams in the correct sequence and optimises the motor power by operating a sequence of valves to reduce the oil flow as the pressure increases on each cycle. Combined with the inherently efficient design described earlier, this results in a very low motor power for a given output compared with other briquetting machines. The electronic control can maintain a constant briquette size despite variations in the materials. Particle size can be anything up to 50 mm, and for long fibrous materials a ram feeder is an optional extra.
Our experienced enginners are always happy ti run special compressing tests in our workshops to give customers individual samples of their own materials.
The regular shap of the briquettes makes them easy to stack and palletize. We also offer the option of having your company logo on the die so it is printed into all of your briquettes - an effective marketing tool!
Cost Saving and Profitability

Our Briquetting Machines are exceptionally strong and low maintenance. The presses are simple and compact and acan be mounted almost anywhere. The machines are designed to run 24 hours a day and, if the material to be briquetted is fed automatically into the hopper, then no operating personnel are required. The regular shap and consistent hard quality of the briquettes makes them simple to collect and stack.
Our experience in this field guarantees that we can offer you a solution to your own waste disposal problems.





1.The mould & rollers are made from special alloy and processed by special method & treatment,so with extreme durability.Successfully overcomed the poor resistance of traditional mould & roller.


2.It adopts screw-center adjusting pressure structure,the pressed rollers' gap can be adjusted smaller or bigger,so it can meet different materials' demand and make sure the briquetting effect.


3.Main machine equippmed with specially desinged screw conveyor which has speed control device,thus can realize feeding steadily and cleanly for all kinds of raw material.


4.Main machine,screw conveyor and speed control device can be operated through one combined control panel.Which is more convenient and labor-saving.


5.With 1 year warranty.



Motor Power: 37kw (380V,3Phase or according to customer's requirement about voltage)
Capacity:1500-2000kgs/h (according to different raw material)
Dimension of Exterior: 2290*1100*1400mm
Weight: 1700kgs  

Raw Material: all kinds of stalk/straw/sawdust  

Length of Raw Material:2-15mm  

Moisture of Raw Material:  13-28%   

Density of Finished Product:0.9-1.4g/cm3  

Heating Capacity of Finished Product:3500-5500kcal/kg

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